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Valor Home Services

Professional Home Management Services
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Vetsbuilt Contracting, LLC

Service Options

Standard Service:................$50 Per Inspection

* Weekly or Bi-Weekly Inspections

* Check all windows and doors

* Run water/flush toilets

* Check thermostat

* Check Smoke Detectors

* Check hot water heater

* Check pool

* Inspect outside structure & grounds.

* Start car. Run for 20 minutes. No driving.

Inspection Report Provided via Email. Includes pictures if any repairs are needed or conducted.

Optional Standard Services:........... Priced Based On Property

* House Cleaning- Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly

* Window Cleaning Before Your Return

Repair Services:.................... Priced Per Job

* Painting

* Plumbing

* Electrical & Lighting

* Carpentry

* Flooring


Remodeling/Construction Services:..........Priced Per Project

* Kitchen Remodels

* Bathroom Remodels

* Complete Home Remodels

* Additions/Casitas

* Gazebo/Pergola Construction

Note: Repair and Remodel work is conducted by Vetsbuilt Contracting. Please refer to reviews on yelp.com to see what customers say about their work.

Concierge Services:............$75 Per Event

* Stock Refrigerator & Pantry For Your Return or Guests Arrival

* Provide Welcome Gift For Guests Arrival (Champage, Food , Flowers, etc.)

* Arrange For Transportation To & From Airport.

* Have a special request or need? Just ask. We are here to help!